Go Outside After School!

After School

Weekdays after school
3:30 to 5 PM
(We will be offering early release and day programs for some non-public school days.)

$25 per day

Location: The forest at 79 Beech Hill Road, Freeport and occasional trips to other local places with advanced notice

Transportation: 15 passenger van will pick up Pownal students at school (3:15 PM) and Freeport students at the intersection of Beech Hill Road and Durham Road (3:35 PM)

Class size: up to 16 children with 2 teachers

girls in hammock in the forest

Program Description

Each child is unique as is each group so curriculum planning and structure will not be a focus. Teachers will guide children to an interesting outdoor location where each child or group can use their imagination to design their own experience. Teachers will provide safety guidelines and optional activities if group interest seems to need some direction.

What to bring

Children will need a water bottle. Water will be available for refills. Pack extra snacks for the afternoon but there will be fresh fruit (such as apples or bananas) or campfire snacks available as well. Children will need weatherproof clothing and a change of clothes available. It is a good idea to have layers available for cold days and rain pants, boots and jacket for wet days.
boy digging in the sand

Sample Activities

duck in field of lupines


harvest crab apples to make apple sauce on an outdoor campfire

Dissect sunflowers and eat them or feed the animals

Build a geodesic dome from wood found in the forest- knot tying and tool safety

Whittle your own walking stick


Leaf art- stringing, pressing, dyeing, crayon rubbing, pigment experiments, mandalas

Pumpkin dissections and Fall garden harvest

Edible plants of Maine forests and fields

Create a spooky trail walk

holding a toad


Animal tracking with head lamps

Flashlight tag and campfire songs/snacks

Drum and flute circle/make your own instruments from natural things

Night walks with headlamps and light/dark/glow experiments

snow dog


Animal tracking- identify foot prints, scat, nests, etc.

Map and compass games

Hanging in hammocks forest bathing

Constellation mapping with stories and ice globe lanterns


Ice sculpting- colored ice garland, sun catchers and animal treats

Sledding and snow fort building

Life size maze building

Owl calling- creep into the woods and attract owls using recordings


Rope bridge building- knot tying

Whittle your own magic wand or forest creature

Snow painting and tree art

Hibernation experiments and den building with snow


Whittle a bow and arrow

Make charcoal drawing pencils in the campfire

Build a camp chair, bench or swing

Create a bug hotel


Build a mud kitchen and create potions with nature

Spring bird watching and identification with binoculars and bird songs/calls

Build a volcano and make an animal track cast

Annual bunny hunt and eggsperiments

baby birds in nest
catching turtles


Water/mud play in streams and puddles

Pond and vernal pool scooping with nets and microscope

Garden prep and planting

Building and flying kites

girl in giant nest


Caterpillar hunt and butterfly release

Ladybug metamorphosis- raise larvae and release as adults

Winslow Park and Cousin’s Island beach visits to study live horseshoe crabs

Please read our program description and policies here for more information. Feel free to contact us with any questions.
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“I love this school because you don’t have to wear a mask and you don’t have to sit down all day and you get fresh air and you get to skate and in the summer, you can go swimming in a pond and you have fun and we have a big cabin. Will you please come.”
Wyatt Jackson (6)
“My daughter attended Ready, Set Go Learning Center to compliment her half day Pre-k experience for school. Her love for the outdoors has blossomed along with her confidence, creativity and inquisitive nature. The programming, staff and opportunities afforded by this program are beyond our wildest dreams.”
Jillian Merrill
“My children attended Ready, Set, Go! and LOVED it! My kids knew that they were loved and in a nurturing environment where they were encouraged to be kids. Their days were filled with play that was developmentally appropriate and that sparked their interest and creativity.”
Kari Crosman
“Highly recommend Ready, Set, Go! My kids have been attending for a little over a year now and love it! Marisa and staff allow the kids to learn and experiment on their own and with some guidance. The kids come home with smiles on their faces from experiences that are not only fun, but educational. 10/10 in my book!”
Autumn Hawkes
“Ready Set Go has been amazing for our outdoorsy, adventurous and dirt loving kiddo. The owner Marisa and her wonderful staff are caring, energetic and passionate people who create wonderful experiences and memories every day. We couldn’t think of a better place for our son and we would recommend Ready, Set, Go! to anyone who has an outdoor, adventure loving kiddo!“
Shay Murphy
“This was absolutely the greatest experience ever. The teachers and the owner are amazing, informative and loving. They always communicate and are transparent about everything. This childcare is a MUST try. ❤️”
Majlinda Mulla
“My children love this program. Marisa is so inclusive and so good with creating fun and memorable experiences for the kids. I would highly recommend this for kids who love to be outdoors learning!”
Kate Sansom
“Both my kids went to Ready, Set, Go Learning Center for their preschool years. The environment is great for learning, creativity, and positive social experiences. The staff were so kind, loving, and fun. I really appreciated the connection to the natural environment, field trips, and many opportunities for play. I would highly recommend sending your children here!”
Elizabeth Cyr
“Our son loved outdoor learning and all the amazing hands-on experience Marisa created for the group. The kids weren’t rushed through lesson after lesson. They had time to figure things out and truly understand… This year our son went back to public school and to my surprise he was at or above where he needed to be starting Middle school… I am so happy for him and could not be happier with his experience at RSG….I know our son is better off today.”
Jennifer Elgaaen
“Fantastic opportunity for experiential, outdoor education for students! If you have a child who loves the outdoors, this is a great opportunity for them to learn and be active in nature.”