Wednesday, September 14, 2016

by Marisa | Leave Comment

What a wonderful day for a Birthday!

Happy Birthday to our friend Wyatt. He turns 2 today. We celebrated with a birthday crown, birthday song and mini- cupcakes!

Today at circle we worked on our manners.We learned to politely ask for a toy and how to respond. We did a wonderful job with please and thank you’s.  We talked about our birthdays and how we can make them special.   We sang our ABC’s, Counted to 20, weather, calendar . Our book for the day was How to be a Good Dog written by Gail Page.  We also acted out the animals are sleeping.  Today we made marbled painted flowers with marbles and paint.  We played outside this morning for 90 minutes.


Am snack : Snack boxes and water

Lunch: Tuna sandwiches, honeydew melon, cucumbers and milk

Pm Snack: Crackers, cheese and mini cupcakes ( Wyatt’s birthday treat)



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