Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

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Today we welcomed the month of March. We continued our theme of Dr. Suess for this week. We are reading many classic books. Which our young friends seem to enjoy.

At circle we began with the welcome song, the weather song, We have a new member in our class he is our Weather Bear. His name is Stormy. Each day after singing the weather song and deciding which type of weather is outside we choose clothing for Stormy.  We also have a lot of emotions going on in our young bodies. So we talked about them and how we feel. We created a Board of Emotions and each day  after we spend a moment thinking and taking our deep breathes we will choose our emotion with our own clothes pin.  The children are allowed to change their emotions on the board throughout the day.  We read Ten Apples Up on Top. We moved our body to the Hokey Pokey, we are getting really good at following instructions.  We broke up into small groups today and worked in centers. One center was tracing of the week which is the letter S, another center was stringing beads on shoe laces which helps us with our fine motor skills. We also had a arts and craft for this morning which was creating a self portrait with bowls and stamping apples on our heads.

Am snack: Banana’s, cheese and water

Lunch: Tuna sandwiches, broccoli, pears and milk

Pm snacks: crackers, hummus and water

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