Wednesday, January 3, 2018

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We started our morning off with our usual free play while friends got dropped off.

AM SNACK: Yogurt with  blueberries + strawberries

After each kid finished snack they grabbed a book and sat quietly waiting for their friends to finish up. Morning circle consisted of our song “Who’s here today” and read “It’s Winter” and “A Silly Snowy Day”. After circle we got ready to go outside and play in the snow. The kids ended up staying out alot longer than we thought.

LUNCH: Tuna wrap, peppers, pears, and milk

Nap/Quiet time ended at 3 but many kids got up before then to play with homemade snow and to color quietly.

PM SNACK: Cheese & fruit

End the day with the more freeplay and possibly heading back outside depending on how cold it is


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