Wednesday, January 11th 2017

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Wacky Weather Wednesday!

What wonderful weather to be outdoors today. We learned that a Paleontologist  studies animal and plant fossils. We went outside and pretended to be Paleontologist  . We dug in snow and had to chip away at ice to find our dinosaurs. We tried to melt the ice with the sun, with the heat of our hands and with salt. Ask your child what worked best?

Today at circle we:

Did the hokey pokey, head, shoulders, knees and toes, ABC’s

We counting 14 Dinosaurs, weather chart, name recognition. We read When Dinosaur are sick

We were outside for about 1 hour this morning.

Am snack: Oatmeal, berries and water

Lunch: Nachos , cheese,peppers, bananas and milk

Pm snack: Snack boxes and water

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