Wednesday, December 13,2017

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As all of our friends were getting dropped off we enjoyed some free play. We played some of our favorite movement songs and got our silly’s out before snack. We had blueberry oatmeal for snack.

Today is the first day of Hanukkah so we talked all about it during circle time. We read two Hanukkah book and Is It Hanukkah Yet?

We made christmas ornaments for our art project today and got to play with the clay for a bit which the kids enjoyed. As we finished up with our art projects the kids got ready to head outside!!!

Kids had a blast painting the snow and tubing with their friends. We spent the remainder of the morning outside before lunch.

For lunch we had chicken nuggets, cantelope, and some pasta and milk.

Once rest time is over we’re going to have some snack and head back outside for the rest of the afternoon.


Happy Wednesday!

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