Tuesday, September 4th

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Today we welcomed new faces to our class. We got to watch our older friends get on their bus for their first day of school!

After the kids played in their centers, our class played a game of freeze dance and had fun showing off their cool dance moves.

AM SNACK: Peanut butter and apples with water

During circle time we went around the circle sharing our names, favorite color, and favorite TV show!! We talked about our Help Hands chart and went over our classroom rules. We read Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat Are you Going To School? and Chicka Chicka 123. We played a color game where everyone got up and found a object that is their favorite color and shared it with our class.

After circle we colored our parents a lovely first day of preschool keepsake picture (free draw with markers & crayons)

The kids got to go outside for some free play before lunch. I took each child into ten and did a “mini quiz” to see what each childs strong points are and what to work on this school year. They identified colors, letters, numbers, and were asked to count to the highest number they could. I asked them to try and write their name as well. It helps me know what to work on this school year!

LUNCH: Tuna salad sandwich, carrots, apples

REST TIME till 3 oclock

PM SNACK: Blueberry Muffins

As the older kids arrived from school the kids had some free play time until parents picked up

We all had a great first day!!!

Miss Malina




  • julia howitt says:

    That sounds like a fantastic first day! That’s impressive that you are testing the kids so you know what to work on this year!!

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