Tuesday September 11, 2018

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Our morning centers consisted of building our dream home out of the wooden blocks, hair salon, making “food” in the kitchen, and self-help boards at the activity table.

The kids played for a while in their centers and then we moved onto movement.

For movement we did a Trolls themed yoga class. The kids LOVE doing yoga! They all do very well at focusing on their breathing and we learned how to say Namaste.

Kids that weren’t here yesterday finished their self portraits!

AM SNACK: Whip cream and apples with water

During circle we sang who’s here today and we went over to our chalk board and brainstormed some more self-help skills. We discussed different ways we could help our parents and do things for ourselves and show what big kids we all are. The main focus today was learning to get our shoes and rain coats on before heading outside.

Instead of an art project we practiced writing our names and tracing the letters in our name before heading outside for some free play. We will continue to work on writing our names and recognizing the letters in our names.

LUNCH: Egg salad sandwich, cucumbers & green peppers, pineapple, and milk (cow/almond)


PM SNACK: Fruit and cereal with water



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