Tuesday, October 9, 2018

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I hope everyone enjoyed their 3 day weekend with their kiddos!!

Today we talked about our Community. Police officers, firefighters, nurses, dentist, doctors, teachers, librarians, and lots lots more!! Our main focus was Police Officers. We read Day At The Police Station. We talked about what a Police officers job is. I wanted us to get right outside so we will do our art project later on today

AM SNACK : Cereal + bananas

We played outside for the rest of the morning. We jumped from hay bales to hay bales. We ran on top of them and jumped off. We fed the bunnies and released the butterflies. We did some water play because it’s so nice.

LUNCH: Pasta salad with beans, broccoli, cheese and some flavoring, cantelope, and celery with milk

Brush teeth


REst time until 3


PM SNACK: peanut butter crackers

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