Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

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We traveled to the library today. Story time was quite exciting! We read 4 books with the librarian and then each chose a book to bring back to Ready Set Go!. Ask your child what book they choose?

In morning circle we talked about Germs and more Germs. We talked about covering our mouths when we sneeze and cough. We created  a Germ Keeper with tissues and paper plates. We also learned how to sign the letter E,  eye, elephant, elevator. We sang the ABC’s,  Leaves are Falling and 5 Monkeys jumping on the bed. We read The Plane and Row Row the Boat. Worked on patterns with bats and cats today. Along with searching our the color orange and black.

We played outside for an hour this morning.

Am snack : Cheese, bananas and water

Lunch: chicken nuggets, bread, cucumbers, oranges and milk

Pm snack: blueberry muffins


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