Tuesday, March 7th 2017

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Terrific Tuesday!!

Today we continued learning about the different parts of our body. Today we learned that our nose is made out of cartilage. We have little hairs in our nose to help filter air but also to help us with our sense of smell.  So today after circle we played a little game with our noses. We smelt cloves, pepper, vinegar, Chocolate, mustard seed, vanilla.

Circle Time:

Welcome song, weather song, we dressed Salty. We used our Emotion board. Two of our friends were feeling sad . So we talked about the sad feeling. Counted 13 Shamrocks, read The Sense of Smell and What is that horrible smell?  We worked on our body parts with the song head shoulders knees and toes.

We were outside for one hour


Am snack: Cheese,Kiwi and water

Lunch: Chicken nuggets, cucumbers, oranges, bread and milk

Pm snack: blueberry muffins and water

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