Tuesday, January 31st, 2017q

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What a terrific Tuesday! Today we worked on how to keep ourselves safe from fire . We also talked about people we can ask for help if we are lost, scared or need something. Some of the people came we came up with were:

doctors ,teachers,  policeman,  fireman, parents, grandparents….etc

Our letter of the week is the letter Q . So we learned to sign  Quiet, Queen, Q, Question.

We used  q-tips to create the letter Q.

Music: 5 Little Monkey’s, 5 Little Snowman, Snowflakes falling,

Calendar, weather, abc’s .We counted to 31. We are working on a special groundhog day project.

Am snack: Oatmeal , berries and water

Lunch: Grill Cheese, Celery, apples and milk

Pm snack: snack boxes and water


We played outside for an hour this morning


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