Tuesday, January 10th ,2017

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What a terrific Tuesday ! Today we continued to focus on Dinosaur and discovering them. We learned about  Plesiosaurs and Tyrannosaurus .  We recreated them by rolling, cutting and shaping bread dough.  Then painted them with butter and food color.


Movement: Opposites (fast/slow, loud/quiet, run/walk.etc.), Hokey Pokey, Freeze dance

Calendar, Abc’s, Counting to 15 with Snow flakes,  Mitten Matching, Weather and classroom jobs . Ask your child what job they were responsible for today. We read Oh  my oh my Dinosaurs and  Dear Tyrannosaurus Rex.

We also enjoyed our dinosaur dirt and discovering fossils. Then we examined them under the microscope.

As you know it was a very cold morning  so we opted for some indoor movement and creativity. We created a dinosaur jump with our trampoline, dinosaur tunnel crawling, which lead to a dinosaur cave. We used sheets, blankets and towels to create these spaces to explore . WHO knew a  sheet and blanket could create such a wonderful magical adventure for these creative children?


Am snack : Cheese, oranges and water

Lunch: Chicken nuggets, apples, broccoli, dinosaur bones (made out of bread), milk

Pm snack: Blueberry muffins and water





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