Thursday, September 29,2016

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A beautiful fall day . We decided to discover the changes in the world around us. We discovered that its cooler outside, the leaves are starting to change colors, leaves are starting to fall to the ground, there are acorns and pine cones everywhere. We also decided to harvest the carrots in our garden and gather some apples and walk to fed the horses.

At circle we worked on the Calendar, weather, the letter b, yoga posses for the letter B. We counted and sang our ABC’s, Signed baby, boy, bed. Ask your child how to sign those. We talked about what makes us special. Today’s answers are so sweet:

Emmeline: “I can paint”

Alrya:”I like to smile”

Weston: “I am special cause I like blueberries”

Juliet: “My mom thinks I am special because she loves me”

Isabelle: “I can paint like Emmeline”

Jacob: ” I can jump really high”

Oliver: ” Because I am big and strong”

We read “Giraffes can’t dance” and “Without you”


Today we also created the letter B  with blue paper,glue and scissors.


Am snack: Yogurt, granola and water

Lunch: Chicken Salad sandwiches, cucumbers, peppers, apples and milk

Pm snack: Animal crackers, dried cranberries and water


Please remember slippers and an extra layer for outdoors.

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