Thursday, September 22,2016

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Happy Thursday!

Today at circle we talked about our trip to the apple orchard. We talked about all the things we can make with our apples.

apple pies, apple butter, applesauce, apple donuts, apple cake, apple muffings

We focused on the Calendar, weather, ABC’s. We sang 5 Little Frogs and 5 Little ducks.  We read 10 Apples Up on Top. We made apples by sponge painting our paper plates and making a leaf out of hand prints.

We had a new friend join our toddler classroom today her name is Vivian. Vivian will be 2 in December.  We will be adding one more friend next week his name is Abel.  That will complete our classrooms for a while. We are super excited to have our  new friends join us at Ready Set GO!

Am Snack:  Banana, Peanut butter and water

Lunch: Cheese and Crackers, carrots, pineapple and milk

Pm Snack: Hummus and rice cakes, water


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