Thursday, September 20, 2018

by Malina Cobb | Leave Comment

We had an amazing Thursday.

We played in our centers for an hour this morning.

For movement we had a dance party!!!!

AM SNACK: Peanut butter & bananas

For circle we talked about the letter C. We signed A, B, and C. They told me a bunch of different things that start with the letter C. For example: Chalk, cup, car, caterpillar, carrot, corn, cake, cat, etc. The kids practiced writing the letter c and all did very well.  Our art project was a cat made out of the letter c.

We went outside for the rest of the morning. All the kids played together it was really cute and fun to watch them play as a group, all on their own too!!

Lunch: Potatoes, bread, carrots, apples and milk (cow/almond)

Rest time until 3

PM SNACK: Rice cake and hummus

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