Thursday, October 13th 2016

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Today was a very busy day. Our morning circle consisted of :

Morning greeting, Calendar, Weather Song, Leaves are falling, Hokey pokey. We learned the letter D in sign language.  We created some leaf rubbing with crayons on to the letter D. We created a classroom pumpkin with our hand prints. We decided we would  try some of our math skills while we baked Lemon Poppy seed muffins.  We read Get to Work Trucks by Allison Carter and the Pig Scramble by Mr. Kinney.

We rode our bikes in the driveway and explored the outside for about 2 hours this morning.

Am snack: Yogurt, granola and water

Lunch: Chicken Salad sandwiches, cucumbers, oranges and milk

Pm snack: Lemon poppy seed muffins and water

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