Thursday, October 11

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Today we played in our centers while our friends were getting dropped off. We played with blocks. We played with our paw patrol community helpers. We were construction workers and built homes. We were train conductors and built rail road tracks. We were infant teachers and took care of the baby dolls. The last center was the kitchen where we were bakers and chefs!

For movement we played a bunch of different fun movement songs and had a dance party to some of our favorite disney songs!

AM SNACK: Cheese and apples

For circle we talked about community helpers. We played a quick game where we picked a community helper (puppet people) and said what their job was. The kids did so good at knowing what each persons job was. We talked about who we’d want to be when we were older. We went over the A-Z community helpers list that we did on Wednesday for our friends who weren’t here. We also sang who’s here today and our days of the week song.

For Art we made community helpers flip books. The kids got to color each helper and glue their faces onto the paper.

We stayed inside for the morning due to the rain. We went back into centers and continued our play with the trains, kitchen, blocks and the baby dolls.

LUNCH: PB&J sandwich, carrots (fresh from our garden), and oranges


Rest time until 3

PM SNACK: Cereal and raisins

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