Thursday, November 17th, 2016

by Marisa | Leave Comment

Today was a wonderful day full of discovery!  This has been an interesting week to study weather. We have  may types of weather here in  Maine and we are enjoying it.  Today we were able to create clouds out of ivory soap using the microwave . We then were able to create “ice Cream”  with rock salt, ice and half and half, vanilla!

We read the Big Pumpkin, and Clifford’s Thanksgiving . We worked on our ABC’s, finding our name in print, counting to 15, we signed the letter I, ice cream, igloo, i love you. We also worked on breathing and calming our bodies. Ask your child about smelling the flower and blowing out the birthday candle. Its a nice way to remind them to take a deep breath.


Am snack: Apples, peanut butter and water

Lunch: English muffin pizza, oranges, carrots and milk

Pm snack: Hummus and rice cakes

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