Thursday, December 21, 2017

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Today we finished our Christmas crafts and made Candy Cane Ornaments. We had fun with free play this morning as well. Made a big mess!!!! Kids had fun making block towers and block car garages while others played in the play kitchen making special snacks for their teachers & friends. Before morning snack we danced to some of our favorite songs.

Snack: Yogurt and granola & water

After snack we had our morning circle where we sang a few songs and talked about how today was Winter Solstice and how its the shortest day and longest night. We read Peak-Boo Christmas which the kids found funny.We went around to each of our friends and asked what our favorite part of Christmas was.  Lots of friends said PRESENTS (shocker) was there favorite thing about Christmas. After circle we played Hide-And-Seek!!

Lunch: Chicken salad, corn chips, melon, and cucumbers

While most of our friends napped, some got to make Christmas ornaments and Christmas bracelets after they rested for a half hour.

Once the kids wake up from nap were going to head outside to get some energy out.

Snack: Snack boxes & water


Happy almost Friday! 🙂

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