Snow Day!!!!!

by Marisa | Leave Comment

AM Snack: apples and peanut butter, water

Lunch: english muffin pizzas, cucumbers, clementines, honeydew, milk

PM Snack: hummus and rice cakes, water


We played with play mobil castles and knights during drop off.  We ate snack and went right outside before the really bad weather came.  We had a blast playing with our newly built snow forts, sledding, and coloring snow!  When we came inside we all played with play dough at the big table- ages 1 to 11!  We did a lot of free play with blocks and legos and what not throughout the day.  It was nice to have such a mixed age group today.  At nap time we had a movie theater!  We watched Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

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