September 5,2017

by Marisa | Leave Comment

We had a wonderful first day of school! hopefully over the next week or two we can get back into our routine . the kids did a great job at circle time today we read kitty cat kitty cat are you going to school ?. we sang wheels on the bus and danced . We are working on an art project for the door The Friendship tree , I’m asking that the kids bring in some of their favorite photos of family friends pets …. to help make the classroom feel more like their room . make sure to check out totes at the changing table for a change of clothes and go home diapers or have them in there bags … it makes the day easier on all of us when we have them  . we have some new faces this year and we are looking forward  to making  some new friends . thank you for your help in making this a great year : )  Miss Sherry

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