September 30

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AM Snack: cheese and honey dew melon, water

Lunch: tuna sandwich, broccoli from the garden, apple, milk

PM SNack: crackers and hummus, water


Today no one wanted to do circle.  They were extremely involved in reading books together on the couch. After about 45 minutes of that they started to move on to other centers in the classroom.  We had play dough out on one table, music toys in one room, tunnels/tents in another room, babies in the housekeeping area and fall crops in the kitchen area.  We’ve also been coloring our big card board box for about a week.  They are enjoying using their imaginations creating vehicles or a rocket ship.  While the preschoolers played we spent some one on one time with the teacher and filled out the All About Me coloring page.  Those can be found in their folders.  It was far too rainy to go outside but we had a blast exploring the toys in the classrooms.  Later in the day we made some slime with the school age kids.

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