September 29,2017

by Marisa | Leave Comment

It was a take it easy kinda day enjoying the cool weather and playing on the playground. a lot of the little’s have runny noses and coughs. we are teaching them to cover their mouths ( Germs are not for sharing ) and lots of hand washing as well ,they are doing a great job . hopefully the runny noses will clear up a bit this weekend keep lots of tissues on hand . Also we are working on potty training as well .. for the ones doing so .. a little reminder to bring lots of underwear and all of the kids should have a change of clothes its a struggle to find something for them to wear (Preschool) also its confusing to them when they are  in underwear all day and then but in a diaper:(  I will picking up a few pair this weekend to have for emergencies . Thank you for allowing US to watch them grow and be individuals… they amaze us more and more everyday . Thank you for all your help .. and see everyone on MONDAY! ….. I will be taking Wednesday off for a meeting…for the hard drop offs  Miss Jen and Miss Malina will be here as well as Ms Angel   🙁 ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND ! THANK YOU Ms Sherry 🙂 Ms Angel

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