September 25, 2018

by Malina Cobb | Leave Comment

We had a great day today.

This morning we played in our centers. Some played with legos building some pretty awesome towers while the girls decided they wanted to be creative and free draw with markers at the activity table.

We combined classrooms for movement again today. It was so cute watching the older kiddos get the younger ones to dance.

AM SNACK: Whip cream and blueberries (they all devoured snack today)

For circle we talked about who lives in our homes. We talked a little about acceptance and how it’s okay to be different. We read the book Incredible You and at the end of the book they have questions to ask the kids. One of the questions was how do we show someone we love them. And the kids came up with, we kiss them, we hug them, we give mom flowers, we’re nice to them, and we listen to our teacher!

For our art project we made stick family house “ornaments”. The came out wicked cute.

We went outside after art and played for a little bit.

LUNCH: Egg salad sandwich, cucumbers, and bananas

Brushed our teeth

Rest time until 3

PM SNACK: Apples drizzled over with dark chocolate and sprinkles!!!!


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