September 19, 2017

by Marisa | Leave Comment

Today we enjoyed our morning with some free play while our friends arrived. We dances to our favorite songs to get our silly’s out. For snack we enjoyed Peanut butter crackers and our water bottles while talking about our favorite color apples and what we wanted to be for Halloween!!

During circle we sang “who’s here today?’ and talked more about apples and how we were so excited for our Apple Picking field trip tomorrow. We talked over our rules for the field trip. We did our calendar and talked about the weather. We read A Day At The Apple Orchard. During circle we also came up with our classroom rules and playground rules!!We went outside before lunch. For lunch we had Potato salad, corn, and bananas. We rested our bodies and got to do an art project after we got up. We’ll head back outside for the rest of the day.



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