September 13,2018

by Malina Cobb | Leave Comment



We had a great Thursday!!!

We started our morning off in our centers.

Our birthday boy Wyatt got to choose our creative movement and he choose Going On a Bear Hunt yoga!!!!!! The kids love that song to begin with and with our yoga kick this week they LOVED IT. Good choice Wyatt!

SNACK: Cupcakes!!!!! and water

During circle we discussed the letter B. Baby, Boat, Bumblebee, Blue, Black, Ball, ETC. We played a quick Blue, Black, Brown, color game where the kids had to find a object of each of those colors. We practiced A & B in sign language.  We then practiced tracing lines and practiced writing the letter B. We made a Bumble Bee art project that looked like the letter B. We then went outside for free play until lunch.

LUNCH: PB&J Sandwich, FRESH green beans from garden, and canteloupe with milk

After lunch is rest time until 3

PM SNACK: Crackers &  cheese


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