September 12, 2018

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We had a small  class today! Only 5 kids so we got in some extra learning time today.

For morning centers the kids played with legos building their dreams home, playing in the doll house, hair salon, and at the activity table they learned self- help skills. For example, buttoning shirts, locking and unlocking “doors”, button shirts, buttons pants, and zipping up sweatshirts.

For movement we found a fun halloween yoga lesson (yes I know its only September but the kids wanted that one I swear haha) They did yoga for about 25 minutes this morning. They did very well (as usual)

AM SNACK: Trail Mix with water

For circle we took a break from self care and focused on the letter A. We practiced pronouncing the letter A. We found out everyone but one friend has the letter A in their names. We talked about what starts with the letter A as well. We did a letter A worksheet where the students had to use a dabber and dab only the letter A’s. Then we did a letter A craft and made Alligators!

We played outside until lunch time

LUNCH: Tuna salad sandwich, canteloupe, and green peppers with milk (cow/almond)

After lunch is rest time until 3

PM SNACK: Crackers and hummus

We will head back outside for the rest of the afternoon and wait for our big friends to return from school


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