Daily Report

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9:30Cheese and Cantaloupe , water
12:00Potato Salad with eggs, bread, Strawberries and Milk
2:45blueberrry muffins and milk

9:45 to 11:15He feel asleep as we were singing the Abc's
3:30 to 4:15

9:15: Wet
11:15: Wet
1:15: Wet
4:15: Wet

Today I did: Books, Circle Time, Outdoors, Blocks, Music

We went outside for AM: 60 minutes PM: minutes

Notes: Harrison's morning went very smooth. He had snack with the older children. Enjoyed being outside on our rocking horse. At lunch he sat next to Jacob and laughed and giggled with him. Harrison had a nice afternoon. He played with the other children. Spent some one on one time putting pegs in a board.

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