Daily Report

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10:00 cheese and apples, 4 oz bottle and some water
11:30 tuna sandwich (gluten free), banana (did not eat), cucumbers, 2 oz formula
3:00 cereal snacks through out the day, cereal and hummus crackers, water

9:00 to 9:45
12:00 to 12:45woke up with a huge hard poop but he seemed so tired so I put him back down.
12:45 to 2:15

9:00: Wet
12:00: Wetstreak of poop
12:45: BMsuper huge and hard!!!!!
3:00: BMhard poop again!

Today I was: Happy, Sad

We went outside for AM: 90 minutes PM: minutes

Notes: He has been a little off today and I think it may have been the super wide and hard poop he was working on. When he woke up crying at 12:45 his but was up in the air and I could see the huge lump through the cloth diaper. It looked like it must of hurt really badly to come out. Kinda glad he was sort of asleep.

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