Daily Report

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9:30 mum mums, yogurt pieces, cereal pieces, 1 oz milk
10:30 lots of water
11:45 chicken and sweet potato, cereal bits, 3 oz milkhe refused the yogurt pouch for some reason. I even tried putting it in a bowl with a spoon.

1:00 to 1:45

8:45: Wet
12:00: BM
12:45: Wet

Today I was: Happy, Sad

We went outside for AM: 180 minutes PM: minutes

Notes: He was mad when I walked away from him today a lot (Marisa). He also would only let me put him to sleep at 1. But he did get some good bonding with Elissa and Megan. There were a few times we had some successful "walk aways" and he was ok playing with them.

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