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9:30: Wetsat on potty- I had her sit on the potty several times. She seems like she is having a hard time pooping maybe. She got off the chair at snack and cried. I asked her if her bum hurt and she said yes then asked if she wanted to go potty and she agreed.
12:15: Drysat on potty- got very upset at lunch too but nothing came out on the potty. She only ate a bite of banana for lunch. After sitting on the potty she wanted to go right to her cot.

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  • Patric Brophy says:

    Yeah, we’re not having a lot of luck with her pooping on the potty at home either. Pee is fine. She did go in her diaper last night, so she’s gone recently. I don’t think it’s necessarily a constipation issue. I think it might be making her nervous her to actually “go” on the potty.
    The lunch thing may have just been her getting tired. She tends to want to take naps very early at home.

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