Daily Report

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12:45 to

8:30: Peed on potty
9:00: Peed on potty
10:30: Peed on pottyShe also peed on the floor in the bathroom... didn't quite make it.
10:45: BMShe pooped outside on the playground again right after she had peed inside. We will work on reminding her to sit a little longer if she needs to.
11:00: Peed on potty
12:15: Peed on potty

I need: Diapers, Extra Clothes

Today I was: Happy

We went outside for AM: 90 minutes PM: minutes

Notes: She has been peeing a ton this morning. EAch time she peed, it was significant amount. She must have drank a lot this morning. She only drank a 3rd of her water bottle at snack and then drank a whole cup of milk at lunch.

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