Daily Report

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8:00 applesauce and cereal with a little breastmilk
9:00 2 oz mixed milk
11:30 2 cubes sweet potato and 1/4 banana
12:00 4 oz mixed milk
2:30 3 oz mixed
3:15 3 oz mixed

10:30 to 11:00
1:00 to 2:30He woke up a couple times but he didn't cry very hard so we let him be and he went right back to sleep!

9:15: Wet
12:30: Wet
3:00: Wet

Today I was: Happy

We went outside for AM: 30 minutes PM: minutes

Notes: He went to sleep very easily this morning. He only cried for a minute or two. He gobbled his food. He was asking for more after he finished the sweet potato! He drank the bottle in the morning while I was holding it. At lunch he picked it up while sitting at the table with the kids and drank the rest all by himself!

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