Daily Report

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8:00 applesauce and cereal and milk
9:00 1 oz mixed milk
11:45 2 cubes of sweet potato He was pretty complainy at lunch today.
1:15 4 oz mixed milk Can we try a size 2 nipple here? It may help if he can drink a little faster because he gets so distracted here.

10:30 to 11:00only napped 20 minutes
1:00 to 1:30He fell asleep super fast!!!

9:30: Wet
12:30: Wet
3:00: Wet

Today I was: Happy, Sad

We went outside for AM: 60 minutes PM: minutes

Notes: He was super cranky off and on today. I finally just gave in and gave him some tylenol at 2 PM. He is much happier even 15 minutes later.

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