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Payments: tuition payments may be made through Quickbooks bank account transfer online (link from invoice) or by Check.

Preschool Program (ages 2 1/2 to 5- class limit 7):

    • Puffin Patrol              Weekdays 8 AM-12 PM $35 per day


    • Timberdoodles          Weekdays 12 PM-5 PM $40 per day (includes rest time)


    • Owl Prowlers             Weekdays 8 AM-5 PM $60 per day (includes rest time)


School Age Program (ages 6 to 12- class limit 10):

    • Raven Rangers          Weekdays 8 AM-5 PM           $55 per day


Summer Camp (ages 2 to 12):

    •  Weekdays 8 AM-5 PM           $295 per week or $60 per day


Drop In Rate

$8 per hour



Sibling- $20 off per week (children must be enrolled for at least 3 days per week)


Holding Fees

In the event that a family would like to hold their child(ren)’s spot in our program for a period of time at least 2 weeks and not for more than 3 months because of maternity leave, family emergency, health issue, loss of job, etc., a holding fee may be charged.  This fee may also be charged to new families who are enrolling for a later period when an immediate opening is available.  The fee will be equal to the child’s one day a week rate found at above.  The fee is charged according to the time of year that the spot is being held for.  The child or children are welcome to attend one scheduled day a week or not attend as long as the fee is being paid.  This fee holds the child(ren)’s contracted spot for up to 3 months.  If payment is not received when due, then it will be assumed that the spot is no longer being held and is open for enrollment by another family as of the following Monday.  The holding fees are not refundable.


Other fees

Security Deposit- a non-refundable fee equal to the amount of one week of tuition is due prior to enrollment to be used for the final week of care provided that four weeks notice is given.

Late pick up charge- $1 per minute for pick-ups after 5:30 PM. Due upon arrival.

Late payment fee- $10 per day will be charged to accounts that are past due

insufficient funds fee- $25


Field Trips– Usually $5-$10 per trip.  Trips may include Maine Wildlife Park, Winslow Park, Wolfe’s Neck Farm, apple picking, strawberry picking, etc.

Summer Camp Field Trip/Activity Fee: Included in price