October 18, 2018

by Malina Cobb | Leave Comment

We had a really good morning. All the kids played so well together and played in their centers.

I had each child come sit at the table with me during center time to practice tracing shapes, and their names. They did VERY WELL tracing their names. I was proud of each of them,

The kids wanted to go yoga for movement so we did yoga but ended movement doing a few of our dance songs.

AM SNACK: Banana and peanut butter

After snack we went outside for a nature walk. We picked out 5 (some picked more) of the prettiest leaves we could find for our art project. We got to ride bikes for a few before the kids complained of being cold so we went inside to finish our art project. After art the kids played with blocks as a group. It was really cute and they did very well sharing.

LUNCH: Bagel pizza, melon, carrots


Rest time until 3

PM SNACK: Rice cake and hummus


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