Monday, September 24

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Happy Monday!!

This weeks theme is ALL ABOUT ME!!!

We had 8 kids all day today so we got to combine preschool and toddlers!!!!

For movement we had an awesome dance party. All the kids participated and shook their sillies out! Teachers broke a sweat we were having so much fun!!

AM SNACK: Yogurt & blueberries

For circle we talked about ourselves. We did a “All about me” graph where each child put their picture next to their eye color, hair color, and gender! For our art project we did a quick and easy one that was toddler friendly. We did our finger prints because just like each of us our fingerprints are unique.

We played outside for the rest of the afternoon.

LUNCH: Chili with lots of different vegtables, tortilla chips, pears and milk

After lunch we rest until 3



We will head outside for the remainder of the afternoon until pick up!!!





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