Monday September 10, 2018

by Malina Cobb | 1 Comment

Welcome back everyone! I was happy to see everyones faces this morning.

This week we’re learning all about Self-Care  this week! From deep breathing and yoga all the way to wiping noses, washing hands, and learning to get dressed properly (shoes on correct feet).

The kids played in their centers this morning (building their homes with blocks, mastering hair styles in the hair salon, making meals in the kitchen). For movement today we did a structured yoga class and practices our breathing which can help us when feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Centering ourselves and focusing on breathing is great self-care and the kids seemed to really enjoy it.

AM SNACK: Yogurt and Strawberries w/ water

During circle we talked about what self-care means. We went around the circle sharing what we thought self-care means and what we do at home that we’d consider self care (brushing teeth, wiping, washing hands, getting dressed, bathing, clipping finger nails, laundry, cleaning our rooms,etc) Self-care means your a big kid! We read I love myself and the kids got a kick out of the last book Everyone Poops.

For art we made self portraits. THE KIDS DID SO GOOD! Make sure to check them out!

We went outside for the remainder of morning before lunch.

LUNCH: Pasta salad with cheese and cucumbers, melon, and milk (cow or almond)


PM SNACK: crackers and peanut butter

See you all at pick up !

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