Monday Decemeber 3, 2018

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Happy Monday everyone!

This week we are talking about children around the world!!!

During drop off kids played in their morning centers

After the room got cleaned up we had movement time where the kids danced

AM SNACK: Blueberries and yogurt

During circle we sang who’s here today, and days of the week. We looked outside at the weather and then we got focused on the topic of the week. Children around the world. We looked at the world map and talked a little bit about different cultures and why some cultures have certain attire they have to wear.  We talked about different skin colors. We read The Hat and Bringing in the New Year.

For art everyone colored green or blue on our world. Tomorrow we will be adding people from across the world onto it.

We got to go outside for a while and enjoy the weather

LUNCH: Spaghetti, peppers, and apples


PM SNACK: PB Crackers


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