May Day!!!

by Marisa | Leave Comment

AM Snack: cereal and cantaloupe, water

Lunch: waffles, yogurt, applesauce, green beans (from our garden!), milk

PM Snack: crackers and cheese, water


Movement Songs- hokey pokey, Dinosaurs, Goldfish, Kung Fu Fighting, etc.

Circle: Willowby Wallaby name song, Theme discussion, Vegetables A to Z book, Counting in Spanish and book, egg development check in, looked at Praying Mantis egg case to be hatched

Art/theme: painted signs for our garden

Science/theme: transplanted seedlings to bigger pots, walked around garden and saw our pea seedlings shooting up, smelled, cat nip/tarragon/oregano, fed the bunnies some young dandelion leaves, checked for chicken eggs

Playground: big bubbles!

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