May 7

by Marisa | Leave Comment

Sorry there have not been a lot of posts this week on what we are doing.  Some of it is that we have been super busy and some is that we are being a little secretive for Mother’s Day.  Our theme is mothers this week.  We have been working on several different gifts and some cards.

Today we went for a walk down the road to check out the goose nesting in the pond.  We were hoping to see some of the construction equipment they were using to clean up the dirt road but they had already moved on.  We will have to catch them again later on this summer.  We did admire how clean the road side looked from when we cleaned it a few weeks ago.

AM Snack: peanut butter and apples, water

Lunch: english muffin pizza, cucumbers, pineapple, milk

PM Snack: rice cake and hummus, water


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