march 24

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AM Snack: Cheese and apple, water

Lunch: Chicken nuggets, cucumbers, bananas, milk

PM Snack: blueberry muffins, water


Circle: greeting songs, active songs, calendar, ABC’s, animal charades

Crafts/science: chicken life cycle

Theme/science: we started a dozen eggs in the incubator today.  We have easter eggs with pictures of the chicks’ development in them that we will open for the next 21 days until hatch time.  You are welcome to check them out each morning during drop off to help with transition.  Please do not open the box.  They need to stay warm and keep the right humidity inside the incubator.  There is a window on top and we ask the children to stand on the chair or the stool in the kitchen to see inside.  They are Brahma and Americana species so 6 blue eggs and 6 brown eggs.

Outside: we colored snow, played with ice cubes and snow balls and fed the bunnies!

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