March 13

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AM Snack: yogurt parfait with choice of raspberries or blueberries and chocolate syrup, water

Lunch: cheesy peas and rice, dilly beans, milk

PM Snack: crackers and peanut butter, water


Circle: introduction to music- silly songs with guitar accompaniment, greeting song, calendar, counting, ABC sign language and letter W signs- window/who/work/water/walk, London Bridge song, This Old Man song, at the end of circle we tricked Angel by making her read The Book With No Pictures and there was a LOT of giggling.  We’re going to do it to Rebecca this afternoon.  The author is B.J. NOvak.

Art/music: we decorated ribbons with stickers and had a dance party with our new streamers.  We were so tired after dancing that we all had to get our water bottles and drink!

Music: We listened to different instruments on Youtube and tried to guess what they were while we were coloring.  We played with our box of instruments for about 20 minutes while listening to different types of music.

Outside: We opted to stay inside because it was pretty chilly and we were pretty worn out from dancing so hard.  We will head out this afternoon after it has warmed up.

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