June 5

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AM Snack: yogurt and grapes, water

Lunch: chicken and pasta salad, pears, cucumbers, milk

PM Snack: peanut butter crackers, water


Free play

Movement: songs and dancing

Circle: Greeting songs, The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs book, The Stinky Cheese Man book, live snapping turtle lesson- We looked at a live baby snapping turtle found in the yard.  We talked about what they eat, where they live and how they are cold blooded and we are warm blooded.  We also learned that the top shell is called the carapace and the bottom shell is called the plastron.  We compared the plastron on the snapping turtle to the box turtle’s and discussed why they are different.

Art/science: we painted our own turtles on paper bowls.

Outside: tag, swings, potion mixing, baby chick observing, played in the rain

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