June 25

by Marisa | Leave Comment

AM Snack: cheese and crackers,, water

Lunch: waffles, yogurt, applesauce, corn, milk

PM Snack: cereal and raisins, water

We sang some songs  and greetings for morning circle.  We then donned our bugspray and headed on a 2 hour hike into the woods!  We played some memory games and talked about wilderness survival.  We found so many treasures in the forest- acorns, pine cones, feathers, flowers, seeds, deer and coyote tracks, deer scat, woodpecker homes, heard an oven bird singing,  and a Killdeer nesting in Wyatt’s driveway.  It was such a great hike and everyone did an amazing job walking all that way!  We also did a little lesson about how to use a compass and how to face North.

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