June 22

by Marisa | Leave Comment

First Day of our Summer Camp!  Happy Summer!

AM Snack: yogurt and blueberries

Lunch: chicken and pasta salad, broccoli, cucumbers, banana, milk

PM SNack: crackers and peanut butter, water


Circle: We discussed honeybees today and how they are so important to farmers and their crops.  We looked at the honeybee life cycle and read The Honeybee and the Robber story.  We also discussed the body parts of a bee while making paper bees.  We created a big bee hive for our bees out of egg cartons and filled some of the cells with larva and pollen and royal jelly.

Outside: we played with mud, water slides, pools and the hair dresser salon.

This afternoon we may go for a walk to see if the turtles are nesting down the road.

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