June 18

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AM Snack: yogurt, granola, water

Lunch: pasta and chick pea salad, cucumbers, oranges, milk

PM Snack: trail mix and chow mein noodle bird nests, water


Circle: Marian read us many fun stories this morning

Nature Walk: We listened to our mystery bird sound, looked at the mystery bird’s nest up close, and went for a bird watching walk with binoculars to search for our mystery birds.  After nap we will see if we can guess what bird it is!  On our walk we saw many, many butterflies and swallows.  We also stopped at the lupine field and picked some flowers.  Check out our pictures on Flickr… I will try to post them to the website as soon as I can.  You can follow the link from our web page. Just click on the pictures window at the top of our page.

Outside: We got outside first thing this morning and played in the pool, sprinkler and water table!

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