June 15

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AM Snack: banana and cereal, water

Lunch: waffle, corn, yogurt, applesauce, milk

PM Snack: crackers and cheese, water


We stayed inside today because of the rain.  Morning circle was all about motor skills and movement!  We sang Shake Your Sillies Out, Ring Around the Rosie,Farmer in the Dell, and Hammer Song.  We read I Love You Stinkyface, The Caterpillar and the Polliwog, and Hey Little Ant.  We played a color/memory game with the cones and counting bears.

We did a lot of observing our insects today too. The ants have made a bunch of tunnels since we received them on Friday.  We fed them a sweet wheat puff and watched them pile up on it.  Our painted lady caterpillars are starting to hang from the top of the cup to make their chrysalis.  It will be about 10 days until they hatch into butterflies.  Our ladybug larvae are getting huge and we are waiting for them to move onto the pupa stage before they become adult ladybugs.

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