June 12

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AM Snack: pears and cereal, water

Lunch: waffles, yogurt, applesauce, corn and milk

PM SNack: cheese and crackers, water


Freeplay outside!  We played outside for the early part of the morning and ate snack outside too.  We came in just after 10 because the bugs were relentless!  We put 3 different kinds of bug stuff on and the kids still got attacked!

Circle was special today!  The children led circle time activities!  Juliet, Alyra and Kyler led greeting songs, stories and counting on the calendar.  They had a blast!

We worked on some Father’s Day art projects, observed our painted lady caterpillars, fed june bugs to the chicks and watched them scramble for it, and we played in the water a bit.  This afternoon we plan to get VERY wet and may even break in our new inflatable water slide!

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